My small secret web weapon to bind things – rivets.js

Hey, I need something. Uumm. Yeah, I need… JavaScript template engine! No? Something more? A small library that would bind data to existing DOM, locally! Yes!

rivets.js – it’s not too popular but it works and it’s only 26 KB minified without gzipping (which would go to just 6 KB!). Let’s go through it’s features and see some snippets I’ve developed through few months.

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Worked over a year with Angular 2, what bugs me about it

I have stopped using Angular 2 in the beginning of this year – near before the Angular 4 release. I’m not trying to convince anyone about the future but I’d like to express my thoughts after gaining some experience. Not only about syntax and performance but about whole thing as a development tool.

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Serializing Java: inspecting data structure

Every deserializer needs information about types – the data structure. In my serialization the deserializer can work behind network connection so it can’t count on Reflection mechanism. That’s why the serializer has to discover and serialize data structure that could be sent over the network and understood by deserializer.

This is Serializing Java – emerging series about writing your own serializer in case you didn’t like other serializers.

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