Interface with basic implementation in C#

Today we have simple question:

How to avoid abstract classes by giving base implementation?

The story

Once in a time I was building animation system which was planned to be used in IGWOCTISI project. It happened that I wanted to created some predefined tweens (animated translations) like ScaleTo, MoveTo, RotateBy and so on.

In the horizon appeared a requirement which was pretty straightforward:

The fact was that my type T not always was able to be some Transformable object.

1st level - abstract class

You may already noticed it. This approach was not good enough. I could add some properties and non-static methods. But there were classes where I would have to extend from two abstract classes, which is not possible in C#.

2nd level - use interface!

So why not try with interfaces? Basic multi-language approach.

Yeah. I have only some methods which I would have to implement as static but it's not abstract. But I can mimic variables by getters/setters.

3rd level - use Extension Methods!

Use interface! and extension methods.

Extension Methods is a technique to provide methods like they were given in abstract classes (non-static) but can be applied to any other chosen class or interface.

Implementation example

Use example

More on this topic on official page:

Pros and cons

Not much to say. It's not easy to port such code to Java or other OOP languages. So if you plan such move I suggest to not use Extension Methods.