About me

My name is Kamil and I develop software. I enjoy working on everything that’s useful (or fun).

Past Experience

  • Android (2.x) development – native mobile applications, games using libgdx library
  • Windows Phone 7/8 development – mobile applications in Silverlight, games using Microsft Xna library
  • .NET – both Windows Forms and WPF applications
  • making websites and web applications using HTML5, jQuery, bootstrap, LESS, AngularJS and PHP with MySQL and ElasticSearch
  • mobile game development – Adobe AIR, ActionScript 3

I code in C#, Java and JavaScript/TypeScript as for hobby but I have also worked using C++, PHP and ActionScript. I like functional paradigm so I have played a bit with OCaml, Scala and Erlang. Actually, I made certificate of Functional Programming Principles in Scala.


I work on some PHP + JavaScript projects, including Laravel, AngularJS, Angular 2.

After hours I work on some abstract software or games. Some of my home projects and open source contributions can be found on GitHub.

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