About me

My name is Kamil and I develop software. I enjoy working on everything that's useful (or fun). I used to work on software and games. Some of my home projects and open source contributions can be found on GitHub.

My journey on software

It started in school times when nobody could help me learn my hobby. Back then, being 14 years old, it was impossible to find any material in local library and nearly impossible to find anyone interested in programming in that small town I was from.

My motivation was curiosity about how computer games work. However, it didn't happen to be the only kind of investment of my time. It's now 13 years long journey as of writing this sentence and I've learned lots of things. I tried to be a professional gamedev for about 2 years and then left that industry. Now gamedev is just my hobby as it was supposed to be.

As time has flown I discovered one feature of myself - I like to code abstract things or tools. For example, in gamedev I don't have to code gameplay, I'll happily make an API, a library or GUI tool for you if that's what you need. Someone's need is my motivation. I like to check and analyze various programming languages or technologies. But when it comes to development I don't tend to pick the latest tech - I focus on development instead playing around. When nobody watches (after hours) then I focus on playing around.

Past Experience

  • Android (2.x) development - native mobile applications, games using libgdx library
  • Windows Phone 7/8 development - mobile applications in Silverlight, games using Microsft Xna library
  • .NET - both Windows Forms and WPF applications
  • making websites and web applications using HTML5, jQuery, bootstrap, LESS, AngularJS and PHP with MySQL and ElasticSearch
  • mobile game development - Adobe AIR, ActionScript 3
  • web development in e-commerce
    • front-end with ES6, TypeScript, AngularJS, Angular 2, Vue.js and lots of custom front-end solutions (custrom controls or digging into frameworks)
    • back-end mostly with Laravel

I like functional paradigm so I have played a with OCaml, Scala, Erlang, Elixir and Elm. Actually, I made certificate of Functional Programming Principles in Scala.


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