DCIDE is an acronym for D Compiler IDE. It is made to simplify one's startup when learning the D language which i highly appreciate and recommend to work with. Comming back to DCIDE: To make words simple - it's a small Integrated Development Environment to manage your D project in a simple manner.


Application was written in C# and with it you can find inside the package:

  • DMD 1.0 and 2.0 compilers (see Intro to D)
  • Derelict libraries (which includes SDL, OpenGL, FreeType and more)
  • optional Tango library
  • DCode from Christopher E. Miller
  • small program which connects that all and is called DCIDE

Right now the project isn't maintained. I stopped it's development by 2010.



DCIDE allows you to manage some D project(s): manage its files, compile using one button and run it. Also it helps you to create any type of project with a quick one-page wizard.

Raison d'être

Aim of the project was to fasten creating, managing and compiling D projects. It contains some libraries, which are often used, too. Also DCIDE is very helpful for begginers or just those who don't want to compile things using a console.


Download DCIDE Package Now!

There's no installation program. Just unpack whole file and run DCIDE.exe file.

Development experiences

Project was created in .NET 3.0 Windows Forms. I learned how to deal with windows, WinForms controls, XML (without Linq or XDocument class then), managing files and configurations (both XML and .NET built-in Properties mechanism).

The worst part of programming was to make maintaining other windows (besides DCIDIE's) like DCode instances (look: 4th screen above) because I had to import kernel DLLs. The other problem was evaluating commands to compiler by calling "cmd" (Command Line) process.

But the worst part of creating the package was to maintain constantly changing D compilers and it's parameters lists. It was also little hard to modify Phobos and Tango libraries to be working with specific D compilers and other libraries (like SDL, OpenGL).