Practical knowledge of git

Some time ago, for about a year I've been teaching myself and newcomer company programmers about proper and efficient usage of git. Since git is a distribued VCS, which is well done for time pressure work, the "distributed" part isn't really the easiest one in such heavy context. Inbetween those teaching times I have noticed that there is much more to teach rather than only how to use some new source code management tool.

I'm not gonna explain the tool itself and tricks around it. I'd like to focus on problems around it. The following may be your checklist for practical knowledge of git. Ready for exam? Then read on.

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Why should you document your design?

Documenting a project vision is justified in probably all of development methods and methodologies, like Agile/SCRUM, Waterfall, PRINCE2 or even Kanban. The idea of documenting is simple - we need to know what to develop. When vision of a new concept becomes to be a project, it's always a good idea to document it. That's what we are taught on universities, in companies or on trainings. But what are some objective reasons for doing that? Why not just start the project straight from a concept in the head?

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